Monday, March 1, 2010


I was talking to my sister today and I don't even remember how we got on to this subject, but we were talking about it and she also suggested that I find myself an apprenticeship in New York since I am still into fashion. To tell the truth I was about to give up on it, since some people were not supportive of me in the past. So sis told me that I should come up with a plan to go to NY, find grants and loans that will also pay my way through Grad school. On top of that I do not have many credit card bills.
I can't believe that I was going to give up on my main dream, which is fashion. The line comes up once again, it is not what you know but also who you know. I would like to get out of this country MD shell because Maryland really only has politics to offer. It is New York and Miami is where I want to go. Even if it is just once a month. Simone Lengo made his break through LeSportsac, why can't I? He just sent his stuff to them. So I will consult my other people who want to see me go far so that I can devise a plan of action.