Thursday, April 22, 2010


As I get closer to graduation I have to fight from being lazy and failing. So I take my one of my last finals tomorrow. My internship has asked me about getting a position instead of working full time doing summer camp. On top of that I have been accepted into grad school so passing is a MUST

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Acadamey of Art University

I have this massive stuffy nose but its ok. I feel better than what I did yesterday. So this morning I am looking more into the school I orginally wanted to attend. To be more specific I am looking at the the classes. These things look so interesting. Some class I want to take is Drawing from the Imagination, Graphic Novel Illustration, and more!! Man this looks like its gonna be so fun. I gues I should talk to my admissions advisor.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grad School Drama

I am going to Grad School and that is it. But what for? I have been having this ongoing battle within myself if I want to go to be a teacher or a fine arts major.I wanted to greatly improve my skills but I could not answer the basic admissions questions. I gave up. I wanted the best of both worlds to be an art teacher. I looked in to SCAD. That would have been so awesome, but the school was so expensive there was no price.... :no: no that was not meant for me. I have an ok SAT score and I did not want to study for the GRE. Then there was the idea just be a generic teacher. Found a great place it would be awesome. People thought it was a great idea. I am good with kids and stuff... :thinking: So I was looking into what I could do. For months I was so set on it, like it is my destiny. At that time I am doing my internship and then I discover my creation in Giant food supermarket. Then my battle begins, I don't want to be a teacher as passionately, I want to be a designer. No not a web designer (many people ask me that) . From my internship I am doing so much learning so much credentials. My intern professor asked me this, "what is your true calling? Teaching is great for me, it comes with the benefits, but when it all comes down to it I want to animate, What do you want to do?" That question has been haunting me forever. Then I begin to panic because I do not know what to do. I am stressed, tired, cranky, unmotivated, and forcing smiles. I did not even want to go to work. I sat, cried, thought, prayed, I was in a downright funk. What am I going to do when I get out, where am I going to go? Mom told me to write it down, and take it one day at a time. I was not. After I got myself together, did some cleaning, moved the deck furniture, it came to me. I want to draw, be an illustrator. I want my drawings to be on stuff like Tokidoki and Hello Kitty :kitty: So I went in a circle, back to being a fine arts major. I have confidence in it and I am willing and ready to go for it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fine arts or teaching master

I am getting closer to graduation clearing my plate of stuff to do and I am tired. So very tired. It is like I am on my last run, the last lap to the finish line.
Today I went to turn in some work to my professor and I had a troubling debate going on in my head forever and it was either if I should go get my Masters in Fine Arts or a Masters in Teaching. I am leaning more towards getting an MFA. When it all comes down to it I want to draw, that is my passion and that is what I love to do. He also brought up another thing when it comes to teaching, that I could teach at a charter school.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wine Labels

Wow wow! This intership just keeps getting more and more exciting. As of today at 9:30 A.M. the wine labels I have been working on for over a month were approved by the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration. However, let me step back a bit. Yesterday, I sent Rob (the gentleman at the winery) an e-mail if I could get a mock bottle of the wines and I would put on my own labels just in case because I wanted bottles in my senior show.  He told me it was no problem and asked when I needed it. I figured Thursday and I get out of work at my other job. Now today, I get a text from Maria (one of Marcus' assistants) that it was approved and I could get the wine bottles TODAY this afternoon! I was in music class at the time and I wanted to brag so big about it, but I didn't want to disturb the class.

While this was going on I was concerned that my group would not be ready for the show so I called a meeting. I asked where everyone was when it came to framing, printing and marketing. I was glad to find out that everyone was on par. After that I took the group to go frame shopping and I got people the best deals that I found. Turns out I am a good bargain/ discount shopper. When we got back we met up with my professor and he looked at my samples that I had brought, and he gave me the green light! I was so happy.

I darted out to my car to get home to get the labels printed then to DC Gallery Place. I met up with Marcus, Maria, Rob, and Pam and showed them the labels. It was in this trendy resturaunt called Zatinaya's. I got there and Marcus asked me if I wanted anything and I declined at first (I had no cash for the place) but he insisted so I went up on his offer. I had prime rib and hummus. I like hummus.

The more where this internship is taking me the more I am going into computer graphics. I like doing graphics but my real passion is fashion. I am not sure which direction I want to go in. Teaching, graphics, or fashion.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Turning Point

The Senior show is coming up, this internship is giving me work, I have to find someplace to get my graduation photos taken. I do not know I how I am doing this but I am amazingly. I also need to come up with two greeting cards one secular and non secular for easter. My show is in April; I have a feeling that there are going to be many people showing up. That is fine with me. The wider my network the better.

On a side note last night I had an epiphany... if that is what it was. I want to be like the creator of Hello Kitty and Tokidoki. I want my art on everything from books to clothes! I want to make deals with big time departments like DC universe or Mattel. I want to be a graphic fashion designer. How does one do that?

Next, I HAVE to find a salary job. Over my Spring break I am going to attend a job fair to submit my resume to various job peoples and get a salary job. I do not want to be in retail. I like the gym, but I need stability, like a teacher. I take my Praxis exam on Saturday morning. In a way I want this semester to be over, so I can spend time with my boyfriend. I miss him. However, there are more important things such as graduating at hand.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Deviant Art Grows

So I want to be a more established artist, and what better way than on the DA (Deviant Art) community. So I joined Deviant art, at first I did it to make sales but now it is a better way for me to get my work out there. When I first joined there was no one looking at my stuff, then I found friends. I got a few comments here and there, few fav's (favorites). Then I joined groups and my pictures are multiplying out of popularity. Huzpah!

Monday, March 1, 2010


I was talking to my sister today and I don't even remember how we got on to this subject, but we were talking about it and she also suggested that I find myself an apprenticeship in New York since I am still into fashion. To tell the truth I was about to give up on it, since some people were not supportive of me in the past. So sis told me that I should come up with a plan to go to NY, find grants and loans that will also pay my way through Grad school. On top of that I do not have many credit card bills.
I can't believe that I was going to give up on my main dream, which is fashion. The line comes up once again, it is not what you know but also who you know. I would like to get out of this country MD shell because Maryland really only has politics to offer. It is New York and Miami is where I want to go. Even if it is just once a month. Simone Lengo made his break through LeSportsac, why can't I? He just sent his stuff to them. So I will consult my other people who want to see me go far so that I can devise a plan of action.

I am at Giant Supermarket

Last week when I was going into the office I wanted to get a muffin. Preferably Cinnamon Chip. I was at Giant and I see this nice display of Cd's by Marcus Johnson. I was walking fast and that is when I saw it by the checkout lanes. It was my design and I was really excited and I wanted to jump around and be like "I did that! I designed that!" However, that would make me look kinda loopy. When I got home I told everybody I knew.

Well, here it is. All over Maryland, I am so excited. My next project is wine labels! 

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Road to the Intern

I was thinking that since I am on the road to being an intern, I feel that I should step up my website. However I cannot decide right now if I want to pay for a GoDaddy or pay Deviantart. With Dev it will remove all ads and the site already built for me. Deviant Art is $30 a year. I feel that I should do this because with my professional work on my internship I should put that on my portfolio as a Corporate works, you know?

Monday, January 25, 2010

I is official!

It is officially official I a graduating. I had a very trivial time getting into my last class but I thank God and feel very gracious that I made it in. Thank you Thank you!