Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Graduate Journey Begins...

So for time I have been searching for a graduate school to attend. At first I was going to continue my education in a more in depth art related field at an art school online. I found an institution at San Francisco that did Fashion online. However it is a certificate of completion. Not what I am looking for. So then I looked into the Art Institutes but that was out of the question because it was not what I wanted.My mother spoke to me and said I should take up a masters in something that will make me more marketable, especially what is going to get me a more stable job.
 Then I found SCAD. This was perfect for me, it had online access, Q&A chat rooms, and more. I was so excited about this, I finally can attend an art college without leaving the state and having to pay for room and board. Then I looked at the requirements. Let's say my SAT score was not in the top 1000 point range. So to supplement for that I needed to take the GRE. That is an expensive test looking at about $130 plus, and I have to get a certain score. I couldn't even find a price fro the tuition.... So long SCAD. Trust me it is a great place but too expensive.
I Google-ed some more and found another place in Southern California. So I asked for more information and checked out the prices and what kind of services they offer. One day they call my house and sadly I am not home. However, my mother talks to one of the counselors and they had a nice conversation. So I am like "oh my what did my mother say?" I am still talking to the kind lady at USC (I do not want to use any names at this point in time) and I am filling out the application. This is great! Right? I feel good about this she is checkin in on me and I asked all the crazy questions I could think of. Come to find out, where I live I am in the middle of everything. I feel so good right now.