Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wine Labels

Wow wow! This intership just keeps getting more and more exciting. As of today at 9:30 A.M. the wine labels I have been working on for over a month were approved by the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration. However, let me step back a bit. Yesterday, I sent Rob (the gentleman at the winery) an e-mail if I could get a mock bottle of the wines and I would put on my own labels just in case because I wanted bottles in my senior show.  He told me it was no problem and asked when I needed it. I figured Thursday and I get out of work at my other job. Now today, I get a text from Maria (one of Marcus' assistants) that it was approved and I could get the wine bottles TODAY this afternoon! I was in music class at the time and I wanted to brag so big about it, but I didn't want to disturb the class.

While this was going on I was concerned that my group would not be ready for the show so I called a meeting. I asked where everyone was when it came to framing, printing and marketing. I was glad to find out that everyone was on par. After that I took the group to go frame shopping and I got people the best deals that I found. Turns out I am a good bargain/ discount shopper. When we got back we met up with my professor and he looked at my samples that I had brought, and he gave me the green light! I was so happy.

I darted out to my car to get home to get the labels printed then to DC Gallery Place. I met up with Marcus, Maria, Rob, and Pam and showed them the labels. It was in this trendy resturaunt called Zatinaya's. I got there and Marcus asked me if I wanted anything and I declined at first (I had no cash for the place) but he insisted so I went up on his offer. I had prime rib and hummus. I like hummus.

The more where this internship is taking me the more I am going into computer graphics. I like doing graphics but my real passion is fashion. I am not sure which direction I want to go in. Teaching, graphics, or fashion.