Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Graduate Journey Begins...

So for time I have been searching for a graduate school to attend. At first I was going to continue my education in a more in depth art related field at an art school online. I found an institution at San Francisco that did Fashion online. However it is a certificate of completion. Not what I am looking for. So then I looked into the Art Institutes but that was out of the question because it was not what I wanted.My mother spoke to me and said I should take up a masters in something that will make me more marketable, especially what is going to get me a more stable job.
 Then I found SCAD. This was perfect for me, it had online access, Q&A chat rooms, and more. I was so excited about this, I finally can attend an art college without leaving the state and having to pay for room and board. Then I looked at the requirements. Let's say my SAT score was not in the top 1000 point range. So to supplement for that I needed to take the GRE. That is an expensive test looking at about $130 plus, and I have to get a certain score. I couldn't even find a price fro the tuition.... So long SCAD. Trust me it is a great place but too expensive.
I Google-ed some more and found another place in Southern California. So I asked for more information and checked out the prices and what kind of services they offer. One day they call my house and sadly I am not home. However, my mother talks to one of the counselors and they had a nice conversation. So I am like "oh my what did my mother say?" I am still talking to the kind lady at USC (I do not want to use any names at this point in time) and I am filling out the application. This is great! Right? I feel good about this she is checkin in on me and I asked all the crazy questions I could think of. Come to find out, where I live I am in the middle of everything. I feel so good right now.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cheers For Positive Thinking

As the school year advances so do I. I continue to challenge myself as an individual and as an artist. I desire to be successful and I will be. I will face obstacles in life but those are the things at make me stronger. I will not listen to my sorry excuses for not being able to do my stuff, because thinking negatively will bring negative rewards. So I think positively.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Past Catch Up's

So not to make people think that I do nothing over the summer I actually do stuff. Every year I particpate at this anime and videogame convention called Otakon. A group of people including myself do Con Coverage. We take the photos the video and then publish a highlight reel. The great thing about Otakon is that people dress up in costumes as their favorate characters based on video games, movies, whatever. This goes on for three days and on Friday and Saturday their is a rave! That is mostly the only time I go clubbing. Its fun!

Boba Fett

Stella from Daft Punk and Leiji Matsumoto's Interstella 5555

Link Salute from 4 Swords

Cobra Commander, Dead Pool and Snake Eye

It is not just anime it is everything. Sometimes people come up with their own thing.

Storm Trooper

'nuff said...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Advanced Visual Comm Intro Activity

So for this particular class were are to show our advancements in visual communication. So as our first assignment was to tell about ourselves. So us being computer graphic majors sounds easy. Just take some silly photos of myself and some gradients and call it a day. Wrong! This thing is to be a 3D object that displays our outsides and true insides. Not organs. So I constructed a paper mache egg. It has words that describe me of what people may assume on the outside, and inspirational quotes on the inside.
"Your silence tells me all I need to know,
And in the dark of night I see your glow,
Your magic moves me when I need to grow,
Walking me into a peaceful flow,
Now the golden light I see surrounding me,
Nourish the barrows when you came to me.
- Samantha James - Come Trhough
When I put a light inside of it the better side of me glows.

I think I was succesful

The Blog of An Artist

As an artist going to school and learning the tools of the trade, my professors encourage me to keep a blog.
Throughout these entries I will post my process of classwork and random tidbits I find of interest to me.

Wish me luck